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African masks are used for dances and ceremonies, often worn in the ritual for a boy’s initiation into the tribe; some for exorcism of evil spirits; some to invoke rain and fertility; some to communicate with the spirit of the dead and draw off his nyama. The masker might seek to instill fear into enemies, raise his own courage, or repel evil spirits. For these purposes wild-animal masks were sometimes used.

There are 78 items available in the Gallery:

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Chokwe Tribe 1 items

Burkina Faso
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Bobo-Fing Tribe 5 items
Bwa (Bobo-Ouele) Tribe 1 items
Gurunsi (Grunsi) Tribe 2 items
Mossi Tribe 4 items

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Bamum Tribe 15 items

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Fang (Pangwe) Tribe 4 items
Punu Tribe 2 items

Ivory Coast
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Dan (Yakouba) Tribe 4 items
Guro Tribe 1 items

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Grebo Tribe 2 items

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Bamana (Bambara) Tribe 6 items
Dogon Tribe 15 items
Marka Tribe 15 items

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Wurkum Tribe 1 items

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