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We also offer a major collection of well worn utilitarian objects such as Baskets, Bowls, Weapons, Stools, Textiles, and other ritual or traditional objects. These Tribal objects were often used in daily life, or hidden in secret houses and used only for important ceremonies and rites of passage. Each piece offers an example of traditions and beautiful designs of people in Western and Central Africa.

There are 20 items available in the Gallery:

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Burkina Faso
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Mossi Tribe 3 items

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Bamileke Tribe 1 items
Bamum Tribe 9 items
Tikar Tribe 1 items

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Fang (Pangwe) Tribe 2 items

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Dogon Tribe 2 items

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Tuareg Tribe 1 items

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Yoruba Tribe 1 items

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