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There are two types of statues: religious and magical. The first group of statues are connected with birth, puberty, marriage, and death including both the ancestor spirits and the genii of nature. These usually have a closed form with no additional material like horn, nails, or shells added to them. The composition and frequently the facial expression manifest calm and dignity. The magical statues are more aggressive in their facial expressions. Often their attitudes suggest latent movement.

There are 155 items available in the Gallery:

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Burkina Faso
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Mossi Tribe 1 items

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Bamileke Tribe 21 items
Bamum Tribe 4 items
Ekoi Tribe 2 items
Tikar Tribe 9 items

Dem. Rep. of Congo
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Luba Tribe 1 items

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Fang (Pangwe) Tribe 19 items
Punu Tribe 1 items

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Ashanti Tribe 1 items

Ivory Coast
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Baoule Tribe 1 items
Senufo Tribe 1 items

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Bamana (Bambara) Tribe 24 items
Dogon Tribe 60 items

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Mumuye Tribe 7 items
Yoruba Tribe 3 items

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